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Wolverine Gunmetal Giant Hoops

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Made in
Yukon Territory, Canada

Vanessa Ægirsdóttir

Make a statement with these giant fur hoops! Posts are stainless steel and the hoop is gold finished zinc (pewter) which is lightweight and durable. The hoop hardware measures 2” in width but the overall finished diameter can vary depending on the fur used as well as the specific part of the hide used. Shorter fur such as marten is typically a smaller hoop whereas longer fur like lynx or wolf is a much larger hoop.

Note: the colour of your exact pair will likely be a little different than the ones shown but they will be the fur variety you've selected and they will be beautiful.

Please know that whenever we create a pair of anything (earrings, cufflinks, etc.) we cut both pieces of fur from the exact same spot so we can match both items as much as is possible, however, there will always be differences - sometimes imperceptible, sometimes obvious. This is always regarded as an attribute.

6 to 9"

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About the Maker
Ægirsdóttir works out of Whitehorse alongside her husband, George Bahm who is Tlingit. Together, they created Wild Yukon Furs to support local trappers who are Indigenous or supporting an Indigenous community. Their goal is that working directly with Wild Yukon Furs would mean that trappers no longer need to send their furs to auction, creating opportunity and fostering economic sustainability within the community.