Toronto Makes Cover Star

Whether it’s handmade or mass produced, expensive or cheap, a tremendous amount of energy and resources are consumed in the production of furniture. When you buy it once, you leave more of those resources where they belong.

Coolican & Company considers it their responsibility to create products that age well. They strive for an aesthetic you won’t tire of and craftsmanship that won’t give out. They believe that furniture shouldn’t be replaced like a cellphone or a pair of running shoes. Their work is endlessly durable & purposefully made.

This is furniture for people who want to live with objects they truly love and appreciate. Furniture that they want to use throughout their lives. And, ultimately, to be passed along to loved ones, not left begging for a home on the side of the curb. 

Inspired by traditional Shaker craftsmanship and designed by Peter Coolican, the Madison Chair is as functional and comfortable as it is beautiful. Hand woven Danish Cord for your seat, a white oak frame and brass peg details. The chair is a made-to-order in 12 weeks.

Coolican & Company is featured in the book Toronto Makes by Randi Bergman. @coolicanandcompany