Cupping at Sloane Tea

To celebrate Toronto Makes, Makejoy embarks on developing a special custom blend with Sloane Tea. The results are a delicious. This limited edition, subtle and refreshing tea is light-bodied and delicate, its infusion inspired by flavours from Toronto’s diverse palette. 

Sloane Tea for Makejoy Toronto Makes (Above) At Sloane Tea's beautiful cupping studio in Toronto's east end, Hoda Paripoush prepares her samples for tasting by Makejoy.

(Above) The stylish Hoda Paripoush steeps sample teas for Makejoy's limited edition blend. Part of our gift collection to celebrate Toronto Makes.

(Above) Satin-finish brass angles and brass accessories make for an appealing accent palette in the Cupping Studio at Sloane Tea.

(Above) Aroma is an important component of a complete tea experience. Jill Redden and Gloria Cheung inhaling fragrant notes from the dry tea ingredients of one of Makejoy's custom blend.

(Above) We are ready to experience Makejoy's custom blend tea options! Mouth-feel, colour, aroma, visual appeal of dry ingredients are some of the attributes owner Hoda Paripoush considers when developing custom blends. In the steeping pots, from left to right, we taste a vibrant tisane with lemongrass and mint, a playful peachy rooibos blend and finally a sophisticated and bright blend with blueberries, hibiscus and a hint of white tea that gives body. 

(Above) Different types of "tea" require different steeping times and water temperatures. A customized Sloane Tea timer tracks the progress of all. The texture of wet ingredients post-steep are fragrant and lovely to look at all part of the cupping experience. 

Sloane Tea is featured in the book Toronto Makes by Randi Bergman. @sloanetea

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