Q&A: Spare Label

Sabine Spare incorporates the hand-marbled technique into each of her pieces: hand-marbled works on paper and textiles, each piece is a monotype so no two pieces ever look quite alike. Her patterns often resemble water and stone.

How do you cultivate joy? 
Discovery in my work is where the magic lives and I cultivate joy through trying out new things. Making work that I feel proud of is a joyful experience for me. In my personal life, sharing experiences with people I love can cultivate joy.

If joy makes us invest more deeply in people around us and in our communities, how does your work allow you to get more connected to your community?
Through collaborations with brands & other makers and talking with other artists & designers is a great way to connect. I also connect with others through workshops that I hold which are a great way to interact with my audience and community. I like learning about what excites other artists and how I can bring a bit of that into my work. 

Do you think there is a connection between joy and success? Did you choose to follow your creativity and find fulfilment?
Some people are lucky enough to find work that brings them joy. And some people are even luckier because the work that brings them joy is also profitable. Speaking to someone who loves their work, makes you want to support them. I have found loving what you do can help lead to success coupled with a lot of hard work and some luck! I felt like I had no other choice than to become and artist/designer/maker…..I’m still trying to navigate finding balance between the hard work and unknown. 

What triggers a joyful memory for you from any time in your life?
I grew up in the country and being alone in the woods and listening to birds singing and leaves rustling is a joyful memory for me. To me, being peaceful and being joyful are linked. 

And more recently, a moment of joy that comes to mind, was when I gifted a leather fanny pack to someone I love dearly and seeing her face light up was a joyful experience for me. 

Spare Label is featured in the book Toronto Makes by Randi Bergman. @spare_label

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