Our Story

Makejoy is an expression of what we are intrigued by naturally. For years, we’ve considered a hugely rewarding part of our work is getting a glimpse behind-the-scenes of the clients we work with in our consulting studio. A brand’s magic is all out in front, on point, and shining its best face forward but we love learning about the stories behind the sparkly bits. 

The most joyful part of our work is uncovering beautiful stories that creators and places don’t always see for themselves, and may take for granted. 

In 2017, Makejoy sprouted as an idea from common ground, out of a passion to uncover and share these beautiful — often untold — stories. We arrived here from different paths but are bound by a shared vision to help promote small to medium businesses, support locally and show each enterprise in its best light. 

Like others in our community, we are trying to consume more consciously, and support people and quality over quantity. Without fail, when we discover the backstory of a brand, place, business, or object, its meaning grows greatly.  


Amy, Jill, Gloria