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Kyle and Katie are chocolate-lovers, who also happen to be chocolate-makers. They source quality ingredients that make them happy and work with those who excite them and drive them to do better. They want to share more chocolate with you!


Soul Chocolate, how do you cultivate joy? 
At work, we surround ourselves with materials and producers that make us excited, and we work with them all day long. For example, sourcing our cacao from a producer in Dominican who takes such pride in their work, or grass-fed butter from Emerald, or produce from local suppliers. It has sparked new joy in our everyday.

If joy makes us invest more deeply in people around us and in our communities, how does your business allow you to get more connected to your community?

This would be two fold: first, we connect with our community of suppliers who approach their work in a similar way to us. The pursuit of quality through relationships and the product itself. Second, it's sharing what we have learned with our customers, which are our local community.

Do you think there is a connection between joy and success? 
We find joy is success. Simple as that!


Share something that triggers a joyful memory for you from anytime in your life. 
Since I am invested deeply in quality chocolate and coffee, this memory is related to coffee. When working at Te Aro Coffee in Toronto, with a good friend Nathaniel, both of us were blown away by the quality of the coffee we had just featured for the customers. It was unlike anything I have tasted, and is as close to perfection as I have come in this industry. It's what drives me to find something that matches it, or tops it.

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