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Devin of Rekindle featured in Toronto Makes by Makejoy


Devin Schaffner, founder of Rekindle says home is where we enjoy the most cherished moments with the people we love. Rekindle supports these meaningful experiences through refined design. 


Devin, how do you cultivate joy? 
I focus on the gratitude for the many great things in life. I am so fortunate that I get to create everyday and provide items that I believe increase the quality of life for people.

If joy makes us invest more deeply in people around us and in our communities, how does your business allow you to get more connected to your community?

Everything Rekindle creates is about supporting experiences that bring people together. We believe in supporting the experiences that we are all instinctively drawn to — especially social gatherings — and Rekindle wants to heighten the quality of those experiences.

Do you think there is a connection between joy and success? 
I do believe this. I focus on building a company around my values, beliefs, and what brings me joy. Even if I'm wrong, creating every day is a good day!


Share something that triggers a joyful memory for you from anytime in your life. 
Sitting quietly in nature and soaking up the natural design of mother nature.

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Rekindle (Studio) featured in Toronto Makes by Makejoy

Rekindle (studio with Devin) featured in Toronto Makes by Makejoy 

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