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Susan Shaw and Melissa Gobeil are the c-founders of ATTICa Toronto based fine jewellery company that believes in simple, timeless design. Their fine jewellery collections are created with great care, and are meant to be worn everyday for years.  


ATTIC, how do you cultivate joy? 
The little ATTIC universe we created brings a lot of joy into our lives. From the space itself to the community we are connected to, ATTIC has been a conduit of so many good things in our lives. There have been countless jewellery projects and other creative collaborations that have very much deepened our connection to and appreciation of the people in this city. Our studio also brings us lots of joy! It’s a bit of an oasis in a busy, loud city, and we love it there.

If joy makes us invest more deeply in people around us and in our communities, how does your business allow you to get more connected to your community?

Jewellery is all about connection. People have deep memories and profound emotional connections to their jewellery. In our business, we are lucky to get to share those moments with our community, and even be part of making those pieces that they will weave themselves into our client’s family stories. There is nothing quite as precious as that.  

Do you think there is a connection between joy and success? 
In our minds, if you have joy in your life, then you are successful. We chose to follow our passion and creativity when we launched ATTIC in 2015, and since the beginning, it’s been a joy to watch her grow. It’s hard to enjoy your success if you are not having any fun, so we always try to play and have fun at ATTIC.


Share something that triggers a joyful memory for you from anytime in your life. 
We both grew up in smaller Ontario towns, and have so many joyful memories of canoe trips, camping in the woods and staring at the stars.

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ATTIC Studio featured in Toronto Makes by Randi Bergman

ATTIC Studio featured in Toronto Makes by Randi Bergman

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